How to Find the Best Military Knives

Aside from guns, men and women in the military or special forces are also equipped with knives that they can use in the battlefield and just make them prepared of the possible things that may happen while they are in combat. This is the main reason why there are many servicemen in the military who are only looking for the best military knives that they can use and bring in the battlefield to make them always be prepared for any close combat battles.

There are many kinds of military knives that can be found in the market and finding ways on how to pick the right set of these knives will give you the advantage for survival during combats. No matter how dangerous the battlefield is, using only the best knives gives military men and women the advantage of winning any close fight with enemies. It is sure to help those who are trying to survive the battlefield even without being armed with guns. This is a basic weapon that any military personnel should have to make use of the skills that they have learned with the use of this weapon in training for service.

Military survival knives however seems to be evolving into a single design. A tactical knife today not only is used to kill but should also be useful for many things like opening cans and rations as well as capable of being used to dig small holes in the ground. While earlier knives have a spear point and mostly double-edged, today’s tactical knives have a single edge and are partly serrated. The spine seldom is completely smooth and usually has a clip point edge.

These knives usually have a high-carbon steel construction because it holds an edge and point better. This is very important since you will not have a lot of time to properly sharpen your blades in a combat situation and having a reliable point is a requirement for your knife.

Most combat knives have a fixed blade full tang construction to maximize strength. Full tang construction is the one thing that most tactical knives have in common. They even have an extended tang design that allows their users to have a strong pummel at the bottom of the handle that can be used for a number of purposes.

Some military fighting knives are folders but the ones that see a lot of action are fixed blades. If you want to make your knives last, then you should choose between a folding knife and a fixed blade knife. Whichever type you choose, it is necessary that the one that you will choose can fit in with your uses.

There are some strong tactical folding knives out there but when you are in a combat scenario, you tend to get the performance you need from a knife better if it was a fixed blade because they require less maintenance and their full tang construction just cannot be matched toe to toe. All regular and special forces have their own version of fixed blade full tang tactical knives because you know that the performance will be there when you need it.

If you are interested in getting only the best knives, then it is necessary that you will spend great amount of time when it comes to picking the right knife for your needs. The following are some of the tips that you can consider thinking about when choosing a knife:

  • Think about the purpose it may serve you. If you are going in a combat battle, you need a knife that can be used effectively as a close combat or self defense weapon.
  • Pick the right shape for your purpose. With the purpose of using your knife as a secondary tactical weapon, it is recommended that you will also be picking a dagger shaped knife that can be used efficiently for close fights. When you find the best shape for your combat knife, you are assured that you will have an easy time fighting for your life while you are in the battlefield.
  • Check the weight. For convenience purposes, the only thing that you want to consider looking for a knife is its weight. It is necessary that the knife will be as light as possible so it will not distract you while it is still hidden in your uniform.
  • Take a look at its features. Given that there are times wherein you may be sent in places where you can be stuck for a few days, it is best that the knife that you are going to choose is not only suitable for combat but also for survival uses.

When you have considered any of these things, you are assured that you can be one of those people who have found the best military issue knife that they can carry in any battlefield.