A Guide on Choosing the Best Survival Knives

There are just many very good survival knives available on the market. All are in different sizes and shapes but finding a set of the best survival knives for your outdoor activities needs a lot of considerations to make sure that you end up with the right ones. If you are really an outdoor person, it is just right that you will be using an effective guide on picking only the best knives that you can use in different situations.

If you are in the process of choosing, then the following are some guidelines that you should consider:

  • Check the weight

The perfect weight of a survival knife must be balanced in a certain way that you can easily carry it wherever you may go and can assist your easily with any tasks. A knife with a weight of 10 to 15 ounces is already considered as an ideal one to be used and carried around. There are people who think that choosing heavy knives are way better than the light ones. But such knives could easily tire any user especially when stuck in the wilderness.

  • Observe the tang

It is recommended that you pick those with a tang that is extending to the handle or what is called as a full tang. Picking a knife with an extended or full tang can provide more sturdiness and more durability to the knife. Take note that knives with shorter tangs are prone to breaking easily after an exhaustive work.

  • Check the handle

Keep in mind that when choosing your set of survival knives, the handle is also important just like the blade. Take time to pick a knife that is designed with a good grip. It is also better that your knife will have a blade that can help you in holding on the handle firmly. Though there are many kinds of materials that you can choose from, it is best that you will be picking the one comfortable for you.

  • Lastly, the sheath

A bad sheath will always make an unreliable knife. For a good survival knife, it is necessary that you will pick a sheath that is rugged and covers the knife completely. Choose knives with sheaths that can cover it well to keep it secured every time you bring it.

With these guidelines in mind, you can be sure that you will not make a wrong decision with picking only the best survival knives that you will be adding in your collection.