How You Can Find the Best Tactical Knife

US Army Military Tactical Knife

Knives have been used way back the prehistoric era. These simple knives usually had one specific purpose and that was to cause mortal damage to the target, whether that be a prey animal or an opponent, the knife has been used to pretty much cause death. Military forces all around the world all have their versions of military tactical knives depending on their culture and surroundings.

The design and construction are primarily influenced by their utility with some historical influence. But the basic design of the knife remains the same. It has a non-grip handle with some sort of hand guard then a blade that will either be single or double edged depending on the age and geographical origin.

Given that these kinds of knives are useful for getting any kind of jobs done, it is necessary that you will not only find a tactical knife that can work with basic needs but a knife that can meet whatever preferences you have. The process on finding the best one might be a crucial task for some, but having the following guides in choosing will help you to get the best one.

Military tactical knives however seems to be evolving into a single design. A tactical knife today not only is used to kill but should also be useful for many things like opening cans and rations as well as capable of being used to dig small holes in the ground. While earlier military knives have a spear point and mostly double-edged, today’s tactical knives have a single edge and are partly serrated. The spine seldom is completely smooth and usually has a clip point edge.

Military knives usually have a high-carbon steel construction because it holds an edge and point better. This is very important since you will not have a lot of time to properly sharpen your blades in a combat situation and having a reliable point is a requirement for your knife.

Most military tactical knives have a fixed blade full tang construction to maximize strength. Full tang construction is the one thing that most tactical knives have in common. Most tactical knives even have an extended tang design that allows their users to have a strong pummel at the bottom of the handle that can be used for a number of purposes. 

Some tactical knives are folders but the ones that see a lot of action are fixed blades. If you want to make your knives last, then you should choose between a folding knife and a fixed blade knife. Whichever type you choose, it is necessary that the one that you will choose can fit in with your uses.

There are some strong folding knives out there but when you are in a combat scenario, you tend to get the performance you need from a knife better if it was a fixed blade because they require less maintenance and their full tang construction just cannot be matched toe to toe. All regular and special forces have their own version of fixed blade full tang tactical knives because you know that the performance will be there when you need it. 

Smith&Wesson Tactical Knife


If you’re aiming for a knife that you can carry anywhere you want, then there are many choices that you can get from the market. Take note that choosing a large knife is not recommendable unlike what you see in different action movies. Most of the time, small blades can meet the expectations of users and even override those that other knives can provide. Military tactical knives are seldom more than 10 inches long with a blade consisting at least half of the total length. You don’t need a monster knife to get the job done, that is what most will tell you and that is quite true.


The grip of most tactical knives has a non-slip design but how they achieve such purpose is where the difference begins. Some knives have finger grooves while others use various “grippy” materials. Either way, most of these knives will have a form of hand guard to prevent the hand from slipping and for any liquid, blood or otherwise, to drip to the handle.


Aside from the size, you should also take much care in choosing the weight of a tactical knife. The weights range from the type of material used with the blade. When you choose a heavier blade, you can expect it to last for a long time even in rough uses. On the other hand, choosing lighter blades are more recommended to be used for normal daily tasks. No matter what weight you choose for what seems to be the best tactical knife for you, it is still best that you pick the one suitable for your uses.


This is the most important factor that you should consider looking for a tactical knife to make sure that it can serve its purpose in your life. If you are planning to buy a knife that can work on your repair tasks anywhere you may go, then a multipurpose model is the suitable one for your choice. It is best that you consider checking the features of a particular tactical knife and what it can do for you.