Mastering the Bush with Bushcraft Knives

Best Survival Bushcraft KnifeAre you one of those people who want to go outdoors to spend some time away from the usual activities you do in life? Then, it is time that you find the best bushcraft knife that can accompany you throughout the period you will be staying outdoors. These knives are perfect for those people who are interested in trying the life in the wilderness and be able to survive even without the use of the latest equipment or gadgets that could possibly offer ease throughout their outdoor journey.

There are a lot of bushcraft knives on the market. How can you know which is the best knife for you? The first step is to clarify what is meant by “bushcraft”. According to Wikipedia, “bushcraft” is used to describe a set of skills used in “the bush” or the wilderness. Some of these skills are building a fire, working with ropes or cords, hunting, watercraft, constructing a shelter, and fishing. Some government organizations and local councils run “Bushcraft Days“. The activities they offer and skills they teach are very similar to the Wikipedia definition. This, then, is how we are going to think about bushcraft in this article.

Basically, bushcraft or survival knives are used for the execution of wilderness skills along with other tools. Knives are just some of the tools that can assist a person to do tasks where difficulty ranges from light to medium. If you can find a heavy duty bushcraft knife, then this particular knife is likely to serve you efficiently in assisting you with other difficult tasks that the small ones cannot do.

When you have found the right selection of knives, you are assured that you will have an easy time enjoying doing survival bushcrafts with the use of these knives in the wilderness. There are folding knives and different pocket knives that you can choose from and are sure to make your outdoor activity fun and worthwhile. Given that there are already many models of such knives available, it is necessary that you will spend some time in picking the right one for you needs.

So, what are the important characteristics of top bushcraft knives? Opinions differ but here are some things to think about.

Surf and Turf

Your knife is going to do both wet and dry duty. It is recommended to choose a blade material that is rust-resistant. Also, it is best to select a knife whose handle material and design gives a firm grip in slippery conditions. An example of this would be bushcraft situations requiring skinning knives.

Fixed or Folding

The majority of people feel that a fixed blade is more sturdy than a folding blade. Having said that, there are quite a few folders manufactured by reputable knife makers which would work nicely. In a recent article listing their choices for the best hunting knife, “Outdoorlife” lists both folders and assisted-opening options.


One point on which there is almost total agreement is “full tang” because this is the strongest of all options. Simply put, full tang means that the knife blade is a single piece and extends into the knife handle. For more information, here’s the Wikipedia explanation.


We end up using the knives that feel good in our hands. Knives which don’t have the right “feel” are going to stay home more than they are going to travel. One big “feel factor” is the weight, and a large part of the weight is the blade. Opinions vary, from about 8–28 cm (roughly 3-11 inches), as to the ideal blade length. We recommend going for comfort rather than according to a set idea.


A very popular grind is the Scandi (Scandinavian). The main reason for this popularity is simplicity. The scandi grind is one, primary grind which creates a nicely wide and flat bevel. As there is no secondary grind, the scandi is easily done (and redone). Thus, most knife owners will be able to do the sharpening themselves. The only downside is the slight fragility. However, this is relative. For most bushcraft uses, the scandi grind works well.

Though these knives are considered as small tools, their significance with performing particular wilderness skills is important as these knives can help in hand-carving any wood, construction of containers from different natural resources and also twine and rope making. With the use of these knives, anyone who choose to spend their vacation in the wilderness are sure to find enough time enjoying all the knowledge and skills that they can acquire with the use of these knives.

Make sure that the blade, its handle, weight and of course its sheath are all made exactly just the way you want and it should be for the prevention of any issues while using it. This is your only way of ensuring that you can accomplish any bushcraft work that you have and accomplish all the possible tasks that you may have while staying in the wild. All it takes is finding the best knife and you can be sure that you will attain satisfaction with all of the things that you would do within the entire time you will spend with nature.

When you are in the process of choosing or buying a bush knife, it is necessary that you consider thinking about where you are going to use it and whether it can fit in with your budget or not. You should also take note that the one that you are choosing can withstand different uses and can last for a long time. This way, you will not have to think about purchasing another one after each vacation you spend in the wilderness.

OK, then. Which of the bushcraft knives should you choose? On their website, Natural Bushcraft has posted the following anonymous quote, “The best knife is the one you have with you when you need it.” At the end of the day, all the information out there is best seen as a guide to help, rather than a set of rules to follow exactly. Knives which fit their owners are always the most successful choices. And remember, who says you only have to own one?