Skinning Knives

by Admin on July 16, 2014

Skinning knives

Skinning knives or hunting knives are exactly what they sound like. They are mostly used by hunters in game dressing and preparation. There are a number of skinning knives out there with a number of configurations. There are some folding knives that are used as hunting knives but most are fixed blades.

Hunting knives are single edge that has minimal, if any serrations at all. Most hunters prefer a smooth edge because they can use the whole belly of the blade to smoothly separate the skin from the meat. Hunting knives usually have a 5 to 7 inches blade and usually have a full tang construction with a properly designed handle.

A lot of these knives do not have much of a hand guard and some do not at all. This is because they are not used for combat. They are also relatively smaller so that they can be manipulated easily with just wrist movements instead of the whole hand. Most skinning knives have different sizes for different target game but most have a drop point design for both safety and control. There are some with a clip point but not many because they tend to easily puncture organs when being used to slice the belly of the game.

Hunting knives are usually designed to have a large belly and almost non-existent tip because they are not used to stab in the first place. Any real hunter will tell you that full tang is the only way to go in any knife especially with hunting knives because, though they are not meant to be used for a lot of camping tasks, hunting knives will get their fair share of abuse inevitably so strength should never be compromised.

Most of these knives will either be made from high carbon or stainless steel. Some prefer stainless steel because they don’t rust. That is not completely true though. Stainless steel has a higher amount of chromium which enables it to resist rust better but if not taken care of properly, it will also collect rust.

The downside of stainless steel is that it cannot hold an edge that well. You will need to have good knowledge of sharpening skills to keep yourself from sharpening it over and over again. High carbon steel on the other hand can hold an edge fairly well and that is why many hunters prefer it. It does rust faster but that can be remedied by proper maintenance and cleaning.

There are a lot of brands that have great hunting or skinning knives but what you need to know is that a real and dependable knife will almost always be a full tang fixed blade knife. It is easier to maintain and clean plus it is a lot stronger than partial tang or folding knives. When you are on a hunting trip, the last thing you want is to have a broken and useless knife. It is not so much the brand but the individual characteristics that makes a great knife.

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