Assisted Opening Tactical Knives

by Admin on July 16, 2014

Assisted opening tactical knives are quite simply folding knives that have some sort of spring assisted mechanism that allows user to open them relatively effortless, usually with one hand. Tactical knives by definition should be capable of performing a number of tasks which makes them useful everyday carry knives. These knives usually have relatively smaller blades with a drop point design and partially serrated blades. Folding knives are always single-edge unless we are talking about butterflies. But spring assisted folders always are single edge so that the spine can be used for better control of the blade and also for safety purposes as well.

Gerber Swagger Assisted Opening Clip KnifeAssisted opening knives usually have different designs but will still have a sort of hand guard and a handle optimized for better grip. One thing that has been observed with folders is that they look really cool. And that adds to their appeal. You also do not need a sheath to carry a folding knife because the edge is safely tucked away when not in use and thus can be put in the pocket. They can easily be concealed and pulled out when needed. Spring assisted tactical knives deploy lightning fast which can be intimidating and appealing at the same time.

But for all their flash, assisted opening tactical knives will never have the strength of a full tang knife but some do come really close. It all depends on how the base of the blade is anchored and supported when in full deployment. Folding knives need to have that strength because there will be times that it will be used for self-defense. You do not carry a folding knife just so you can open boxes in the office and kitchen right? You carry one so that in case you need it, you can depend on it.

Folding knives often have a thinner blade which means they cannot really be used for a lot of tasks that require force. The edge tends to remain relatively sharp since they are used for more precision than brute force. Most have a scalpel-like edge for years without being sharpened and that is why they are quite dependable. That thin sharp blade is the business end of the folder and in that respect, folders are quite popular because people know that their edge seldom gets dull unless they went through some pretty high level of abuse.

Smith & Wesson SWATMBS Swat Medium Serrated Assisted Opening Knife

Other than they look really cool, the appeal of assisted opening tactical knives come from the fact that they will get the job done quickly when they are handled properly. Folders do need a good amount of maintenance though because it has moving parts. Lubrication is a concern since most folding knives have metal on metal contact. You should be careful on the type of cleaning and lubricant that you use and be mindful if you use it for food preparation. Some use gun lubricant on their knives which is fine as long as you don’t use it to make contact with food because those products usually have toxic substances.

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