Military Pocket Knives

by Admin on July 16, 2014

Pocket knives are usually a folding knife with just a blade inside. Military pocket knives are a bit different in the sense that they mostly consist of multiple tools crammed into one small tool. One name that is synonymous to this definition is the Swiss army knife. Almost everyone had owned a Swiss army knife in one point of their life and it is just a wonderful device that has pretty much all you will need on a daily basis.

Military pocket knives have at least 10 tools inside that often includes one or two blades, a can opener, a screwdriver, a pair of scissors, a file, a small saw, and a corkscrew. Obviously other brands and designs can include a lot more tools but the logic is the same. Some even have about 20 tools inside and is the epitome of knife engineering as far as I am concerned.

Each one of these knives are carefully engineered and designed to function perfectly for years and years on end with so many moving parts and retaining each tools’ usefulness. I had my first one when I was 10 years old and accidentally cut myself on the same day. The knife was so sharp that I hardly felt a thing. I continued using the same one until I dropped it while on a mountain climbing trip but it functioned perfectly for over 6 years.

These kinds of knives are often issued to military personnel precisely because it is a bundle of many tools. A buddy of mine once said that all you need to survive anywhere is this kind of knife and your brain and you’re all set. This is not far from the truth because it does contain a lot of tools that you can use for a number of purposes on a daily basis and not really need any other tool.

It can be used to dress a game as easily as open boxes in the office or tighten the screws of your rifle. These multi-purpose knives do pack quite a punch for their size. Most are just about 5 inches long and 2 inches thick depending on the number of tools they contain. They weigh roughly a few ounces to a pound at most and can be the last tool you will ever need.

You can open a bottle of wine as easily as you can open a can with one of these and not worry too much about maintenance. You do not have to lubricate it often mainly due to its superbly engineered design that allows moving parts to remain smooth after years of use.

But it is not perfect though. These knives do have a limitation. You cannot expect it to be as strong as each individual tool would be by themselves. The scissors usually are quite small and the file and saw are not always that reliable. But with all said and done, these knives are still very popular for what they are. A multifunctional tool that is a jack of all trades.…

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